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Here we publish the most useful things we experienced during our work

Implex Receives Clutch Award For Top Ukrainian B2B Firm
We are thrilled to announce that Clutch have recognized us as one of the 250 best-performing software development companies in Ukraine.
How to Successfully Manage Team, Requirements, Estimation and Communication in Outsourcing
Manage team, requirements, sprint planning and comms for successful MVP delivery — based on building an MVP in 3.5 mos. for the US automotive startup
4 Main Steps to Prepare for Successful MVP Development Outsourcing
Project preparation, documentation and right tech stack — based on our case study of building an MVP in 3.5 months for the U.S. automotive startup
Is It Possible to Find 100+ Tech Specialists at Affordable Rates in a Fortnight? Yes!
We analyzed the market, various hiring channels, and payment models. Our experience has shown you CAN subcontract 100 specialists in a fortnight, but boy, will you have to work for it

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